Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Need The Info...

I’ve really got nothing today and I am working through the day on Tuesday so I won’t be around until tonight.


I have a handful of questions for you that hopefully will offer me grist for future posts beginning Wednesday.

If you have a minute and feel like answering, by all means, lay your truth on me…

No matter how ugly it may be…Answer one, answer a few, or answer all…after 9:15 A.M. EDT, it’s a Matt-Man Free Day until Tuesday night. So, here we go…

*When you blog or even more so, when you comment on blogs, do you couch your message in a way to agree with a reader or writer so he or she will like you? Maybe even thinking you might "get some" off said person in the future?

*What if anything (‘cause I know I’m damn near perfect) really irritates you about me? Be Honest…I have big shoulders. And yes, you too can answer this as well Schmoop.

*If you are into sex lubricants, would you prefer a bacon grease based lube, or sausage gravy?

*Is the Obama Beer Summit going to result in a positive result for race relations, or will it merely result in two bruthas smackin’ down a white guy over an argument as to whether the beer tastes great or is less filling?

*Do you prefer Corned Beef Hash or Roast Beef Hash? Or…are you one of those goofballs who doesn’t like either?
(Sorry Michele, as much as I dig ya, but to answer my first question, I don’t couch my message on the basis of liking someone.)

*Would you like to have sex with me? If not, why not? If so...when will your husband, significant other, and/or common sense be away from home for awhile?

Okay…I think that gives you all some points to ponder…or not. Have a lovely Tuesday, all.

My normal routine begins again on Wednesday.



Hoot Gibson said...

Christ Matt...I'm getting the first comment again tonight, all this after spending the last 90 days at sea hunting for intelligent life in the inner city.

Guess What? There be none!

Later Bro, I'll slap jack you on the flip side.

Matt-Man said...

Hoot: Well that's okay. I'm not surprised that you have no comment; seeing how my topic or I was not mentioned on Hannity's, Limbaugh's, or O'Reilly's show today. Chin Up Hoot...

One of these days you'll have an original thought. Cheers!!

Michele said...

You know I don't always agree with you in my comments but mostly I do.

I like my lubricants to be vegetable based.

The Obama beer summit is political idiocy.

I'm the goofball.

I live in Houston. Do you think you have that long of a dong? If so where's the photos?

Desert Songbird said...

1. Hell no.

2. You're either always talking about NOT having sex or that you're ALWAYS having sex.

3. Bacon rulz.

4. Someone call Mark Fuhrman.

5. Corned beef hash. It's all about the Irish meat.

6. Not especially. Why, you that hard up? Or just too hard?

Jay said...

1. No. I figure they don't like me already. I don't disagree rudely though. I don't think.

2. Well I wouldn't say "irritates" cause I don't find you irritating. Sometimes though you do seem more wanting to shock people or get an argumentative reaction. I think you probably like to argue. LOL

3. Okay, I've now deleted four pretty crude responses to this one. Hmmm ... Let's just say that my imaginary Jewish girlfriend won't use bacon or sausage based lubes. ;-)

4. I don't think much will change.

5. Roast Beef.

6. Umm .. that would be a no. But, I only say "no" cause I'm answering in such a way that I'm sure I will be agreeing with you and make you happy. ;-)

Candice said...

1. Nope.

2.You curse way too much and it offends the fucking shit out of me.

3. I don't need no stinkin lubricants.

4. Nothing will change.

5. Neither.

6. I'm all booked up at the moment. Sorry!

MysteryChick said...

1. When I blog, I write what I want when I want without thinking about who may read it. However, now that you mention it, I don't couch my comments to agree, I just don't comment if I disagree. Which is really quite lame now that I think about it.

2. Nothing about you bugs me, but then again I don't have to pick your dirty underwear up off the floor.

3. Crisco.

4. For the love of Jeebus, why won't they all just shut up already?

5. Corned beef, what can I say, I'm Irish.

6. Just as soon as Southwest offers a $49 special to Bagwine Country.

Matt-Man said...

Michele: You're not a goofball. Even though you are a vegetarian you still make meaty meals for JR and your family. That makes you non-intrusive and uber-cool. Cheers!!

Songbird: Ha. Yeah, interjecting Furhman into the beer-fest would be really helpful. Cheers!!

Jay: Ha. You always make me laugh. Maybe it is I, who wants to have sex with you. Cheers Jay!!

Matt-Man said...

Candice: I love your lubricant answer. As I always tell Schmoop...If a person needs a lubricant in order to have good sex ya ain't doing something right. Cheers!!

Mystery: Oooo Baby, let's get Irish all over each other. Is there still room in your queen sized bed? Don't worry about airfare. Put on your cheetah bra and I'll drive up. Cheers Chick!!

Karen said...

When I blog I hedge my topics not for my internet buddies, but to make sure I only show what I want to show to my real life readers. Walking that line sucks sometimes.

Matt-Man said...

Karen: I understand your trepidation over walking that line.

I think about the same thing sometimes when posting but then I figure...

I am who I am and feel what I feel whether one knows me personally and face to face or one who reads me everyday on their laptop in Walla Walla, WA. So, I just let 'er rip. Cheers Karen!!

Scott Oglesby said...

1-No, mostly because I only comment on blogs I already tend to agree with. I tried the commenting on opposing views idea and nobody will even publish your comment, so it’s not worth it. If we already know each other (blogwise) then I’ll tell you when you piss me off!

4-less filling, don’t make me pimp smack a ‘taste greater’ up in this bitch! Wait, what was the question?

5- I don’t smoke either kind of hash anymore; the ‘roast’ made my clothes smell horrible, and the ‘corned’ did weird things to my libido.

6-No, because I stopped smoking corned beef hash.

Matt-Man said...

Scott: Ha. Very Funny. I really enjoy commenting on blogs over something with which I disagree whether they post my comment or not. I find it cathartic...or something. Cheers Scott!!

Micky-T said...

I think all of us who blog just for the fun of it are blogging for the me,me,me of it.

Were all a bunch of snoops looking for attention.

But the bloggers who are serious and don't do it for fun have created an easy source of ideas and opinions on some important subjects that we wouldn't normally have access to. I like that.

Phfrankie Bondo said...

...I sit in a chair when I blog, not a couch...sheesh...

Dana said...

(1) Hell no! In fact, I sometimes blog (or comment) an opinion opposite of my own just to get a heated discussion going. Call me a pot-stirrer!

(2) Just one thing? In all seriousness, it's knowing that I've been reading you for almost two years and feeling that I don't know anything more about *you* than I did two years ago.

(3) Definitely bacon, served up with a little lettuce and tomato.

(4) It's going to be an elitist gathering meant to keep the cracker down.

(5) Corned beef hash, preferable served with an egg (sunny side up) on top.

(6) Not with you, but can I have Schmoop?

David said...

1-I never expect to “get some” from any blogger so that’s not a factor. I usually try to be polite even if I disagree…ok sometimes when the blogger is blatantly stupid or particularly rude and especially if they are uber-conservative beyond human reasoning, I might be snippy to bait the trap, so to speak.

2-As a blogger, I find no irritants and since I don’t know you personally, meh.

3-I’m definitely into lubricants…uhmm…I’ll go with the bacon flavor.

4-I don’t expect anything to come of the beer summit other than smoothing over things among those 3 parties. Perhaps I’ll just mosey down the street and watch them to see what happens.

5-I’m not big on hash at all but, since I like roast beef better than corned beef, I guess I’ll go with the roast beef hash.

6-Hmm…I hadn’t really thought of you as a potential sexual partner. I think I’m fairly open-minded but I’ll have to give this one some thought – my initial reaction is not very positive. But thank you for asking; that is very flattering. btw - before I decide, would you expect to be the catcher or the pitcher?

katherine. said...

1. When I blog I take into consideration one or more of my kids will get around to reading it. I make an effort to be authentic. There are somethings I won't discuss on my weblog.

When I comment I neither try to agree or disagree....I just convey my opinion. I always have an option. smile. I try to be nice to nice people even if we don't agree. But if someone has their head up their ass and they are rude or stupid about it, then I may be more adamant in my response.

Sometimes if I don't feel like getting in a debate, I will refrain from commenting. If I am overwhelmed with the number of posts in my reader...I may not comment.

If I really don't like a blogger...I don't read them.

2. What I really REALLY hate about you is that you smoke....and sometimes the Christian bashing gets to be a little much.

3. as sexual lubricants? doubtful.
as sexual condiments? Yum.

4. I heard three beers mentioned. I am not sure but I think they were Red Stripe, Blue Moon and Rolling Rock. Which ever label Crowley and Obama drink will see sales figures off the charts. It will do nothing for race relations. And some asian or chicano will sue cause they didn't get invited to the party.

5. Corned Beef hands down.

6. I don't slow dance with strangers.
I don't sleep with my friends...and
I don't play with things that belong to other women.

Desert Rat said...

1. Naw, I don't couch anything. I just write what I'm thinking. With regards to my own blog, it's generally informational 'cause my family reads it to keep track of me. (And they dig the pictures!)

2. I don't like it that you smoke. That doesn't irritate me, I just don't like it. I don't like it when anyone I care about smokes

3. I'd prefer Hollandaise!

3. What we really need is a Kegger Summit! Booyah!

4. Nepali hash. I don't do cows.

5. Takin' the 5th!

Bond said...

HEY PHFRANKIE- what the hell is wrong with blogging on a couch????

1. Like a give a s**t if you like me...

2. Your insincerity when it comes to speaking about your male lovers

3. Bacon grease

4. HUH ...WHAT?

5. Roast Beef

6. No...HA! Like THAT would get you to Memphis!!!!!! Nothing else has...

Micky-T said...

OK I'll bite........

1) My blogs are like farts in the wind, you never know what might be blowing by. My comments are more just like a fart, they stink or they don't, it's just passing gas. Not looking to "get some" from anyone.

2) Your Jesus-ness. Not to believe or not, just overdone.

3) NOT!

4) No, it will just be positive for the media.

5) I prefer you leave the beef out of the question. Then yes I prefer.

6) NOT! Your Irish.

Matt-Man said...

Micky: I do it for fun but am serious at the same time...however, without taking myself too seriously. Cheers!!

Phfrankie: Just like Johnny Yuma, you're a rebel. Cheers!!

Dana: Really? What is there left to know, seriously. I don't think I have hidden very much of my life or where I stand on things. As for Schmoop...While she might find that flattering, she is addicted to the Matt-Man. Cheers Dana!!

Matt-Man said...

David: Just for temporarily not emphatically saying no and mulling over your decision to have sex with me or not, makes me hot. Cheers!!

Kat: Christian bashing? I don't bash Christians. I only bash those, who in my opinion, are not truly practicing the ideals set forth in the New Testament and therefore only pretending to be Christian. Cheers Kat!!

Desert Rat: I don't care what your true feelings are, if you are pleading the 5th, I am, in my mind, going to take that as a yes. Boo Yah and Purrr!! Cheers!!

Matt-Man said...

Bond: I am very sincere about my male lovers; I have but one...My left hand. Cheers Vinny!!

Micky: Are you saying that you don't want to kiss my Blarney Stones? I'm crushed. Cheers Mick!!

Tiggerlane said...

1. Uh...no...not really...in face, let's start a riot in comments!

2. You're such a successful blogger that I'm jealous. Period.

3. Bacon grease, all the way.

4. All I know, is I wanna be a fly on the wall.

5. Yuck...I must be a goofball.

6. Just not into sex with bald guys. Oh, and yeah...my husband would kill you, which might be totally WORTH it...considering my skills...but then I'd be an accomplice to murder.

Matt-Man said...

Tigger: Now let me get this straight...You're jealous of me and don't have sex with bald guys. However, it might be worth having sex with me, said bald guy, just to see me killed at the hands of your husband?

Now that's just plain hurtful. Cheers Tigger!!

Lu' said...


Matt-Man said...

Lu: Ha...That is exactly how I would have responded if I was commenting to this on someone else's site. I loooove you. Cheers Lu!!

katherine. said...

RED stripe
BLUE moon
in the
WHITE house

am I the only one thinkin' this??

Matt-Man said...

Kat: Hell, do they still make that? Cheers Kat!!

Cheesy said...

1- I try to gear my comments to a bed not a couch. Causes back pain...
2- That you haven't sent my boxers YET... hehehe
3- Still a young gurlie,,, make my own!
4- Wehn they have a whiskey summit THEN I'll comment.
5- I just prefer hash in it's natural form~
6- I just like to have sex! I'll be in PDX all next week... ALONE! In a hotel...

Matt-Man said...

Cheesy: Can we drop the boxers? Er..you know what I mean. I did come through on the Christmas Card thing, dammit. See ya in Portland, and no I will have neither boxers as a gift for you nor will I be wearing any. Cheers Cheesy!!

David said...

>>>>I will have neither boxers as a gift for you nor will I be wearing any.

Since you have ruled out boxers, this begs the question briefs or commando????

Inquiring minds somewhere must want to know.

Matt-Man said...

David: Oh c'mon...you know me well enough by now...NAKED!! Cheers David!!

Starrlight said...

I got one word for you. Astroglide.

And didn't some nutcase beyotch accuse me of being one of your little puppets or minions? Paraphrasing of course cause your nutty bitches tend to be pretty fucking stupid.

katherine. said...

yeah the harem gets a bit whacked every now and then don't they?

Starrlight said...

Yeah that crazy bitch going off defending her jilted "friend" springs to mind. Matt gets all the good crazies. Greedy bastard :P

Marilyn said...

1. Unless "get some" refers to cheesecake, I'm don't pay it any mind.

2. I hate when you are making a really thougtful and intelligent and even funny political statement and you add gratuitous sexual references. I don't mind when you make sexual references that aren't gratuitous but are actually related to the message somehow. My determination of the difference is probably arbitrary though and so should probably be ignored.

3. As far as sexual lubricants are concerned, I'm a vegan.

4. I think more politicians should share beers with the public. In fact, I think we should get the whole republican portion of the Senate wasted and pass some serious health legislation by convincing them that it will stop the room from spinning and cure hangovers.

5. Corned Beef

6. Andy's almost never home... however he's probably having the house watched.

Matt-Man said...

Starr: I'm a nut job magnet. Cheers Baby!!

Marilyn: I'll keep that in mind. At least you said that I can be thoughtful...I like that. Cheers!!