Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sunday Morning Church Disservice: Am I My Ryno's Keeper? YES!!

It is going to be a pleasant Sabbath in Bagwine.

Cool temps and I am working the Beer Mine from 11-7 today. I dig that.

As I mentioned yesterday, today is Ryno’s mom’s birthday. I am stopping by after work to drop off a couple of mums that Ryno and I bought her on Saturday.

Yeah, I know, I’m cool that way, but here’s the thing…There may be a new site in the blogosphere.

I talked to Ryno’s mom yesterday about starting a website involving Ryan. Because, well, he's sad...

Oddly enough, she is at this point, in agreement. Clap your hands and say, “Praise Jeebus” on that one.

Here’s my idea…

Ryno starts school Tuesday as a High School Freshman.

I thought, WTF?, let’s turn his upcoming four years into a soap opera…a virtual reality show.

We can make fun of every zit, girlfriend lost, and F that he gets.

So boys and girls, soonly (hopefully), Ryno will have his own website. We are going to record, notate, and every otherwise mention his life through his High School years.

Here’s the kicker…

Since he has acquiesced as far as putting his life out there, I felt that he deserved some remuneration for his efforts.

Thusly, I am going to open up a dedicated bank account for his College tuition, and put a Pay Pal thingy on his site for that reason, and that reason only.

So what do you think? I think some people, if they get involved in his life, grades, and basketball “career” will donate.

And after all, he is cute. Well, once he gets his damn hair cut, he will be.

Amen, and Amen.

Here’s to having other people pay for your kid’s college tuition, and I hope you all have a lovely Sunday.



David said...

dude - I was all set to tap into my paypal account....until you hit that haircut remark. That triggered a visceral reaction. My father demanded I have very short "traditional" hair in my teens and in college - and he succeeded while he was paying the bills. And then...and then? you might ask. I'm bald f#cker – what choice do I have now????

And I am telling you...(that is the line of a song from some movie) let the kid do what he damn well pleases with his hair. OK, off my coiffurium soapbox.

Yeah, I'll still donate. He's a cool kid with a cool dude for a father.

Scott Oglesby said...

Brilliant! You know how much I love reality shows; and this concept is close enough for a conviction in Texas. I’m sold!

Matt-Man said...

David: I would never DEMAND that he get it cut shorter than it is, I just wish it was. I just wish he didn't, at times, look like one of The Beatles. We don't tell him what to do in those areas of his life. "Coiffurium Soapbox"...I dig that. I thank you for your support. Cheers David!!

Scott: Are you feeling okay? That was your shortest comment ever!! ; ) Thanks Scott, hopefully his blog will be boring due to lack of drama and turmoil through his HS years. Cheers!!

Dianne said...

leave his hair alone!

I would love to hear from Ryno directly

Micky-T said...

Well I guess it's worth a try but I think you should hold onto your hat (or whatever) untill he gets settled into it. I've noticed very few littlins that can handle the boredom of blogging.
Not enough action man!

Matt-Man said...

Dianne: I am not going to mess with his hair, I just want to. And let me tell you, he had me cracking up yesterday in the time we shopping for his mom. He's a hoot. Cheers Di!!

Micky: No worries...I will do the drudgery of the actual posting and shit. He just needs to tell me what to say. He loves the idea...not for the tuition, but so he can meet chicks. Cheers Mick!!

Michele said...

Good luck to Ryno in high school. I'll offer up the advice I gave my boys when they started high school. "Blend into the walls" Then again, he may not need it. He's not a nerd like my boys. Blending was self preservation.

Matt-Man said...

Michele: Ha. That's good advice, unfortunately Ryan is unable to do that. His reputation precedes him. Cheers Michele!!

Jay said...

I'm thinking that this has a lot of entertainment potential. He is planning on posting pics of the cheerleaders, isn't he?

Was that inappropriate? Oh well.

Anyway, this may not be as cool as "Gossip Girl" but it's still gonna be pretty fun. ;-)

David said...

So hey - were you invited to your baby momma's BD party?

Are the Jerry Springer ghetto terms baby-momma and baby-daddy in the common venacular in Bagwine? They are totally in use here in DC.

Matt-Man said...

Jay: I don't know about the cheerleader pictures, 'cause he says the ones at his school are not hot, but I do know it does have quite a bit of comedy potential. Cheers Jay!!

David: I am sure I would have been welcome (not that I would have gone) but I had to work, so they stopped to see me at work prior to the party. Cheers David!!

katherine. said...

"hopefully his blog will be boring due to lack of drama and turmoil through his HS years "

trust me want them to get into the drama and turmoil during the HS years...before they can tried as an adult.

Starrlight said...

May your's be better about posting than mine!