Saturday, September 05, 2009

Obama Addressing School Children: How Dare That Communist Bastard Do That!?

I have had it. No, really, I have HAD it.

President Obama has a video feed set for Tuesday September 8th that will have him asking for school kids to do their best and work hard during this school year.

How partisan can a group of people…right wing talk show hosts, pundits, and yes, many parents be? Jeebus, Mary, and Joseph!!

Fuck Em….

I have nothing other than that to say…Indeed, I can only say, Fuck Em.

Okay…that’s not true, I can say more than that.

Has a large portion of Americans simply lost their goddamn minds? Is a large portion of Americans saying:

“Screw that Kenyan born motherfucker; how dare him ask my kid to do well in school.”

From Glenn “Oligarhy” Beck, to Laura “Keep Your Kid Home From School” Ingraham, to Michelle “My Eyes Are Not Only Slanted, They Are Three Feet Apart” Malkin, and a host of other low IQ fanatics have been bashing Obama over this.

People like these morons and others like Billy Cunningham of 700 WLW, and Rep. Greer (R-FL) are saying that Obama is attempting to indoctrinate our youth….

Some have said, that much like Mao, Kim Jong Il, and Stalin, the O-Man is trying to lure our children to Socialism..

Gimme a fucking break.

Yes, our representatives of late do nothing but watch their own backs, however…

The people who elect said representatives have devolved into a series of cable TV and sound byte impulses.

They think not for themselves, and in many cases, they think not at all. And many, eat this "indoctrination by Obama conspiracy" shit up.

This anti-addressing of American students is the last straw for me.

I think I am fairly reasonable…I think in some aspects of life, I am quite smart.

However, I have over the years, at times, thought maybe I was a bit crazy. With the stupid right wing smack down that is going on over this crap, I have finally realized that I am not crazy.


I wish I was crazy like these dumb asses, because it would make life so much easer.


And...I just thought of this...Many of those protesting Obama, would have no problem with public prayer and "Christian" leaders giving a video message and "indoctrinating" kids in public schools.


Michele said...

This is JR
These fucking assholes that are complaining about the President having the nerve to have kids take responsibility for their actions makes me sick . These same people were surprisingly silent when Bush
was lying his ass off about practically everything... living in Texas with some of these morons has been painful. Anybody that gives any credence to Fox Noise deserves their fate.

Michele has been reading your blog to me for the last week and if I'm ever in Ohio I'll buy you a drink.

Clay Perry said...

i think i shall wait to hear what it is the man says to the kids before i give an opinion... i heard plenty of scoffs when bush did this too, zealots are a dime a dozen... & her eyes may be far apart but malkin has a really nice ass....

David said...

I haven't read the exact specifics of what Pres Obama plans to say but I will say .... for the love of God, what the hell are these crazies thinking will come from the president encouraging students to apply themselves to study and succeed with their education????

Presidents have given these student pep-talks for decades. Why is it that suddenly it is a broadcast from Satan?

Besides, I thought that the Über-crazy parents were home-schooling anyway.

Jay said...

Ha! I was actually thinking of a very similar post. These people have totally fucking lost it. This hatred of Obama and going bonkers over the stupidest shit is so irrational that it impossible to deal with.

These people really need to get themselves under control. They're all gonna have heart attacks and most of the are uninsured, so they'll either die or go bankrupt.

What a bunch of lizard brains. I'm so sick of these morons.

And, remember when conservatives where screaming for blacks to set good examples for kids? You know, be a good family man, stay in school, take responsibility for your life, work hard and shit like that? I wonder why all of the sudden they're opposed to those things?

Matt-Man said...

JR: Thanks for taking the time to comment...A comment that is dead, balls-on accurate. If you getthe chance, re-read my post...I corrected all of my fully pissed-off, half shit faced mistakes. If you are in Ohio, I'll take you up on that drink and I'll make Loosemeat Sandwiches for you. we just won't tell Michelle. A very good weekend to you both. Cheers JR!!

Matt-Man said...

Clay: Anyone who is upset about any Prez addressing school kids telling them to do their best is a moron. And your Malkin remark? I think I just threw up a little. Cheers Clay!!

David: Ha. "...I thought that the Über-crazy parents were home-schooling anyway." That was beautiful. Cheers David!!

Jay: Ha Ha...You are always so comedicly descriptve. I am sure if it was Bill Cosby, Al Jarreau (he's light skinned, ya know), or perhaps some other "less threatening" native born black guy adressing the students, it would be hunky dorry. Cheers Jay!!

Dianne said...

I can hear the right wing, loony bin, zealot preachers now

this Sunday, from pulpits all over the fucking hearland ...

"Mama don't let no nigger talk to your babies"

I am so sick of this

and I'm sick to death of these assholes saying the left had similar protests when "W" spoke to the schools - no fucking way

I enjoyed his speeches - they were so comical. And it was so endearing when he read from an upside down book while NYC was being attacked

I wish the left had been/would be as vocal and organized as this pieces of crap

Matt-Man said...

Dianne: Someone on talk radio brought this up this morning:

"When I went to school in the 50's and 60's, when the Prez spoke, they wheeled in a TV with bad vertical hold into the classroom. It was the President."

These fucking nuts today need to get over themselves. However, your last sentence...

Eh, fuck it, I am not into bashing any President be it Reagan, Bush 41, Bush 43 or any other Prez who has addressed students from doing the same thing.

Cheers Sexy!!

Jay said...

You know, Clay does make a very important point. Michelle may be bat-shit insane, but she does, in fact, have a very nice ass. And, she has great legs too. Not to mention those awesome HDLs. That's Head Givin' Lips, for those of you who are wondering.

Seriously, you know you'd tap that ass dude. ;-)

Matt-Man said...

Jay: I am insulted that you think I'd do her. She wears too much lipstick, great legs are a dime a dozen, (and Schmoop has smooth, sexy legs that are four feet long anyway), and on top of that, I refuse to have sex with a woman who hates people with brains. Cheers Jay!!

Karen said...

Last night at dinner this subject came up and a friend summed things up pretty well. Kids are in school to learn - for academic reasons, not to be politically influenced in anyway. Let Obama give his speech at 7 PM when kids can watch with their parents.

Matt-Man said...

Karen: Whatever...They are not going to be "politically influenced", Karen. Do well. Study Hard. Oooooo what a controversial message that is!!

And secondly, when would the majority of parents watch it with their kids? Gimme a break.

You dislike Obama because of his politics (and that's fine), yet because of that, you don't want the current sitting President to address young school children and encourage them to do their best.



Starrlight said...

This is the final straw for me. If this country is heading this way then I am gonna take my retirement funds and move to fucking Belize.

And I am sorry but having to wait to hear the comments? Come the fuck on. He's chatting them up with Kelly Fucking Clarkson for Christ's sakes.

What kills me is these fucking asshats go on and on and on about Communism and yet they model hive mentality at it's very worst.

Jay said...

What? You wouldn't bang Michelle? Hmm .. Well, I guess some dudes aren't into Asian chicks.

What's that Michelle? Oh, I'm sorry, you're right. You're just an American, not Asian. I forgot how much you hate being called Asian-American or Filipino or anything else. Self-loathe much?

Clay Perry said...

having walked behind malkin for a few minutes at cnn, trust me on the ass comment... remarkable...

Matt-Man said...

Starr: Ha. Hive Mentlity. You just summed up the lives of so many Americans. You're a fucking genius. Cheers Starr!!

Jay: Hee Hee. Very Good. And while I'm not into Malkin I never discount Asians as a whole. Consider this...Betty Ngyuen anyone? Purrrrrrr. Cheers Jay!!

Clay: I don't care how hot a person's ass is...If as much shit come from their mouth as it does their ass, I ain't touchin' it. Cheers Clay!!

Starrlight said...

And I don't care if you can bounce a fucking quarter off that douches ass, her face would stop a Roman invasion.

Jay said...

But, you write love letters to Fox News anchors. You don't seem too concerned with the shit that comes out of them?

I'm gonna go make friends with Clay now. Just in case he has some behind the scenes cellphone pics of Betty Ngyuen and Kira Phillips. ;-)

Matt-Man said...

Starr: Ha...I want to become a Visigoth and stop her unwanted attacks. Cheers!!

Jay: Mmmmmm...I love Camerota, but man, Kira Phillips. I'd walk over crushed glass for her. Cheers!!

metalmom said...

I was reading all of these comments until one stopped me in my tracks...

'Let Obama give his speech at 7 PM when kids can watch with their parents.'

Number 1: Most parents don't even watch the president themselves let alone with their kids!!

Number 2: The ones complaining the loudest are the ones who micro-manage their children's every waking minute, from wiping their asses first thing in the morning to reading them three hours of bedtime stories in which there is no 'big bad wolf' or 'wicked stepmother'. Those parents don't need to worry. If he spoke at 7pm, you'd have your kids at Soccer/dance/music practice anyway.

Clay Perry said...

thats why i love reading your blog.... you never tell exactly how you feel about something.... LOL

Matt-Man said...

Metalmom: First of all, thank you for commenting even though I never come 'round amymore. And I should because I have always dug you. Secondly...

Karen stopped me in my tracks as well. She's a lwayer. So obvioulsly she has seven years of advanced education. I like Karen. And while I know that she is a coinservative, I never figured that she would be one to say not to listen to Obama if you're a school kid. She can gloss it over for "academic" reasins, but c'mon...gimme a break. Cheers Chris!!

Matt-Man said...

Clay: Ha...I'm working on a new post as we speak. Cheeers!!

katherine. said...

He is the President of The United States...he absolutely should be speaking to the nation's school children.

When my kids teachers brought in recordings of presidential press conferences and State of the Union matter which political party.

And yeah the opponents did object when Bush provided a similar message...this really is NOT a race thing. Far too many Americans just want to rant and complain and name call whenever the opposition does ANYTHING good or bad.

Very few people are trying to work together....far too many just want to complain and bitch in their self righteousness.