Monday, November 09, 2009

A Bit of Fragrance Always Clings to the Hand That Gives Roses

Happy Monday Bitches!!

Oy Vay…I worked eight hours on Sunday, and it WIPED ME OUT. Holy Cow.

I got home at 7 P.M. and was all but asleep on the couch by 8 P.M. Instead of trying to write a post for today, I actually did the mature thing and acquiesced to the demands of my health.

Oh hell yeah, it is killing me to not post everyday. I feel 100% better than I did a week ago, but am far from 100%.

I feel pretty damn good when just sitting around the digs, but even a five hour stint at the Beer Mine kicks my ass, let alone an eight hour shift.

I have a doctor’s appt. at 9:30 this morning and then I’m off to work until 4 P.M. So today, entertaining the masses is a no go.

Many of you have not read my last post involving the new Celebrity Fantasy Girlfriend ™ that I have picked out for Bagwine Buddy, Jay. So…

Scroll down directly and read about the most fine pick I have made in this matter if you’d like.

One last thing…

Saturday I received a very sweet get well card, from an incredibly sweet reader of this site.

In addition to the card, she felt that my recuperation (and Schmoop’s) would benefit from an uber-generous amount of Olive Garden gift card money.

She’s probably on the right track, as upon weighing myself this morning, the Matt-Man is down to 174 pounds. I think the last time I weighed 174 pounds I was 15 years old and fantasizing about having a hot, oily three way with the Landers’ sisters.

Anyhoo…While I have yet to thank her personally, I wanted to give an anonymous shout-out to this lovable goof’s kindness. Thanks Buddy, I was truly touched.

Enjoy your Monday all, and wish for me to have enough wind to get through another day at the Beer Mine.



Dianne said...

I did read Sunday's post and was left speechless ;)

I think it's a really good idea to listen to your body and take it as easy as you can

Matt-Man said...

Dianne: In regards to Jay, I was just trying to think outside of the box as it were. Yeah, my body has been trumping my actions alot lately. Cheers Di!!

Michele said...

I was expressing my dismay at your working an 8 hour shift to JR on Sunday. It went something like this:

Me: Matt is working all day today at the beer mines".

JR: "huh"

Me: "You know, he just got out of the hospital and can't possibly be well enough to work a full shift. Yada, yada, yada"

JR: "He's a big boy" as he turned up the game on TV to drown me out.

You know he cares but it was THE GAME!

Phfrankie Bondo said... steps, Big Boy, baby steps...

Marsha said...

I'm glad to hear you're feeling better. Be careful to care for yourself or the pneumonia will end up coming back again and again!

David said...

Glad to hear of your continued recovery but take it easy dude. You surely don't want a relapse. From the me-me-me viewpoint, we can't stand to have another long gap without you posting. Cheers Matt-Man

Jay said...

Well, if you get tired and frustrated and not feeling well at the beer mines you can always just take it out on the customers. So there's that. ;-)

Have fun at the doc's office. I'm sure he has a nice copy of Sports Illustrated from 1994 sitting there for you to read while waiting for him.

Marilyn said...

That was a sweet gift. Feel better!

Scott Oglesby said...

You just did an entire post about not doing a post. Being that you lost so much weight, I’d say that an Olive Garden gift card is the perfect gift. That was incredibly sweet! Good luck at the doc’s!


Lu' said...

I dig the post title for today :)

I selected someone for Jay too.

Lung impairment seems to take quite awhile to recover from, quite awhile.

I'm guessing I could snap you like a twig or maybe we could bend you like a sapling...

Four Dinners said...

Drink vodka and you'll feel fine. Trust me I'm from Oldham....

No idea what I weigh.

A lot?

Bond said...

Glad you are recovering

Desert Rat said...

174 pounds! Holy shit, you're almost invisible!

So glad you're feeling better. Listen to your body and get plenty of rest. We'll still be here to read your posts when you FEEL like posting.

Loooove Olive Garden! Ummmmm... breadsticks... oooo... and the giant bowl of salad! I think I'll go make a sandwich!

Starrlight said...

Carbs are awesome for recovery. Now I want pasta. Damn.