Monday, July 26, 2010

A Mosque Around Ground Zero? Fuck That!!


Some towel heads want to build a mosque near the sacred ground where the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center towers once stood.

Sean “I Don’t Wear a Wedding Ring” Hannity and Michelle “If You Want To Chill Your Beer, Put It Between My Legs” Malkin, and other right wing knuckleheads are up in arms about this.


I really don’t give a shit.

Hell, put up a Baskin-Robbins for all I care. It’s just a piece of ground that some time ago got vaporized by some hateful nut jobs.

But…let me ask you this…If a Christian Church wanted to build a facility in the area would that be okay? Of course it would, because…

Christianity is where it’s at…or so Christians think, especially those of the Fundamentalist favor…and fervor.

I am a Christian, but you know what? I dislike many Christians because, well…many have some warped sense of Christianity.

In fact, many Christians have an incredibly fucked up take on Christianity, just as many Muslims have a fucked up view of Islam.

I know, Mohammed was a crazy man who allegedly was talked to by God (he was probably drunk on camel piss), and we Christians know his story not to be true.

And Mohammed, set forth this entire Muslim thing that just fucks up the world of Christianity, and the lives of every living, breathing, freedom loving American.


A mosque near the site of the 9-11 attack would be a thorn in the eye of our God. After all, God likes America best…at least that’s what I hear.

What a joke…God likes people based on their own merits, not their religious or political affiliation. And if I am wrong, and He doesn‘t, that’s not a God I give a damn about.

But, back to my original point…

Why do Americans, and people throughout the world feel the need to build memorials?

My mom and dad didn’t die in a horrific act of terrorism, but they are no less dead, and I am sure I miss them just as much as those who lost family who died in the 9/11 attacks.

Why can’t we just miss, honor, and celebrate the lives of those we miss without circus or cultural hyperbole?

Why can’t death be a solemn event of passing and tribute without political debate and posturing?


Why can’t all religions be taken as faith and not as fact? After all…

Faith is much more powerful than fact, and to deny that, is to deny a very fundamental fact of life.



Charlene said...

The belief that one Christian is better than another Christian, or one person is more patriotic than another person is hate.

I also dislike it when any politician or other person, at a public event says "God Bless America" as though God would choose to bless us more than say Patagonia or Spain. I figure if God made the world, then God likes the whole world and calling for blessings special to us is poking a stick at God.

Smugness is not pretty.

Jay said...

The mosque isn't even at or "overlooking' Ground Zero as they keep saying. It's like 2 blocks away. You can't see GZ from there.

But, appealing to fear of brown people sure does work for people like Sean, Michelle and Sarah Palin.

Also, how bout no Christian churches near the OKC bombing site? It's basically the same type of thing.

Mike said...

Charlene and Jay hit some nail heads. Hell, I got nothing more to say .... again!

Scott Oglesby said...

This is the Matt-Man that I had been sorely missing. And I fucking love it!

I couldn’t agree with you more. I wish you would check out the Rapture Ready and the FSTDT so you would help me make fun of them. It’s amazing that these people still harbor the ‘my God will beat up your God’ mentality.

And one of the main things being missed in all of this is the flat out racism. They constantly say ‘they’ are slapping us in the face with this. As if Islam were a single brained entity and every Muslim is only an appendage.

This is the same mentality that thought the black man was less than human. Attitudes like this never really go away; they just adapt and find new groups to hate.

Michele said...

Memorials are a bit silly but if I have to one I want one just like we gave my daddy. We all went to his favorite watering hole and made all his witticisms into a drinking game. He would have loved it. Can we make a drinking game out of this latest brouhaha?

Matt-Man said...

Charlene: "Smugness is not pretty." Ha. I like that. Cheers Charlene!!

Jay: Quit throwing facts out like that. It can make some peoples' heads assplode. Cheers Jay!!

Mike: Damn. Why must everyone steal your glory? Cheers Mike!!

Dana said...

Faith is much more powerful than fact

And that would be the single reason that any organized religion succeeds. And the single reason organized religion breeds hate and judgment ... funny how that works!

Memorials? Don't even get me started on how people want to rationalize their loss as greater than that of another.

Matt-Man said...

Scott: It all sickens me. This mosque crap and all that you just said. It fucking drives me crazy. Cheers Scott!!

Michele: Ha. I dig that, and I am sure we could make a fine game out of this. We could make a drinking game based on all of Sean Hannity's "stupidicism". Cheers Michele!!

Matt-Man said...

Faith succeeds where there are no facts and where there are no facts there is no thought, so yeah that IS why organized religion succeeds. Cheers Dana!!

Phfrankie Bondo said...

...that beer-chillin' machine sounds interesting...

Raquel's World said...

I would say that who cares what they build where. I preferably would not want a mosque there b/c I think it may be hurtful reminder to some but I do not think it's wrong either. Anyways its not right there so in the famous words of Joy Behar "So what, Who cares?"

David said... damn. I have a hard time deciding if the Matt-Man who is the irrevernt smart ass or the serious "thinking" Matt-Man is my fav.

I love both. Yeah, I'm man enough to say I love Matt-Man. Well who wouldn't?

And to my friend Scott - the religious and other extremist groups always need a common enemy to hate for their fund raising and their cohesiveness. I agree with your comment completely.

Cheer guys.

Karen said...

I clearly think Christianity is better, which is why I practice it, but that is not the reason I am against the masque at Ground Zero.

I am against it because it would be a thorn in the eye of anyone who lost a loved one on 9-11.

And I realize that doesn't make me PC or understanding or a good Christian or even right. But that is honestly how I feel about it.

But at least I know that makes a me a bit of a racists a-hole. :-)

Matt-Man said...

P-Man: Sounds interesting, but oh Dear God, have you ever seen Malkin? She's hideous!! Cheers P-Man!!

Raquel: I understand your feelings but if we suppress where places of worship are built or if they are built at all, America becomes as oppressive as Muslim countries who prohibit churches or Jewish temples being built. Cheers Roc!!

David: You know what David> I vacillate on which I like better as well. It always just comes down to what kind of mood I'm in. Cheers David!!

Matt-Man said...

Karen: I hate PC. PC blows, and while I disagree with you on this, I would never think you are a racist asshole. Cheers Karen!!