Sunday, September 19, 2010



If any of you listened to, “I’m With Stupid" on Blog Talk Radio, which you really should, you know that “a caller”, DANA called in with her Yom Kippur Atonement message.

I know some of you might think badly of the Matt Man, but please don’t. Don’t’ think badly of her either, her site is quite good.

I have gotten over it for the most part, and I wish them well.

Ha!! No I don’t. Fuckers.

Hey, what would a post from me, be if I didn’t throw a Fuck in there! Huh? I capitalize fuck, that’s right bitches.

I’ve never had this happen before, so I have been a complete ass on most occasions.

I came from a VERY abusive fourteen year relationship, and maybe I really don’t know how to handle things. Matt did too.

You would think after ten years of cohabitation, and much love, that we would both get it. Guess not. I guess I wasn’t enough.

He broke my heart…into a million pieces. I didn’t even know he could.

Even though I fell in love with him quickly, and hard, I didn’t know he really had the power to hurt me.

I thought I was tough. I was wrong.

I will get over it, and I have for the most part.

When you think you couldn’t be hurt………it’s a whammy when you find out you are human after all. Far out right? Fuck the humans. I hate having feelings.

I’m glad it’s finally out there. I actually was going to do this too, only to a bigger degree because I know things. I ain’t, yea I said ain’t, going there.

To borrow words from my man Jay…


Oh, I guess I should have said "Hola" at the beginning of the post...ah Fuck It.


Jay said...

*looks over at Matt*

*Shakes head in sad, bitter disappointment*

Charlene said...

Back when the "visit" was made and posted about, I had already assumed there was some hanky panky and figured it was all in good fun with all parties enjoying themselves. Obviously that was the lie and this is the truth?

I was exited about the announced subject matter of today's program. After all I am a voyeur and I just knew Matt and Jay were going to reveal some salacious sins. But no, it was some drama about NFL fantasy football. Fantasy football is not my thing, and Dana agreed.

I was impressed that I could hear the program and call in. I've never called in to any program before. I guess you could say this took my call-in virginity.

Beth said...

Jay: Ha!

Charlene: I wish I would have had your vision. You hit it on the head! I'm really sorry about you radio virginity!

Micky-T said...

It was a bombshell moment on the show, that's for sure, but if I may go back in time and recall a moment in the Bagwine digs that "I" will never forget.....may I?

Beth said...

Mick: Oh please do.

Mike said...

Well I sure missed the significance of that part of the show. But that's just how I am. I was waiting for Dana to announce "Here's my Sunday secret". Not sneak it in as an attonement.

Now I want more info. Pictures, video, a book, a movie.

Micky-T said...

Beth: WHAT? You don't remember what you said as the evening grew late and your blood began to boil?

David said...

It appears to me as a casual observer that there was a considerable amount of dirty laundry floating around in Bagwine today.....I'm just sayin'....

Dana said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Raquel's World said...

I'm so confused. Did Matt-Mann write this post??? Duh! I'm so lost.

However, I did catch on to this whole thing. But I, like another commenter thought that it was an event that included Beth. Apparently not. So sorry Beth that sucks ass big time.

Anyways I listened to the first show or two but really missed out this week apparently. Thank god for the archives.

snugs said...

Schmoop, you are a much bigger person than I could ever be and I admire you. I went and listened to this radio attonement of theirs and have to say that I believe they both owe you more apologies to be carrying on and laughing about it the way they did. I hope you know that you deserve better whether it is with him or without him, and I wish you only the best in your future.

Knight said...

Beth, I am offering you my services of mutilation. If he fucks up again just drop me a note and we can have that taken care of in two snips.