Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sunday Morning Church Disservice: Koran Burning and Pigskin

It’s going to be a bee-yoo-tee-ful Sabbath here in Bagwine, Ohio today.

Partly cloudy and 76 degrees. Ahhhh, kind of a mix between Fall and Summer. I deem today to be the beginning of Fummer.

And you know what else begins today…That’s right, the NFL season. Boooo-Yah!!

Okay it really began Thursday, but that was only one game, and Brett Favre played in that game…

And since the old fucking prima donna who throws more interceptions than he does grow whiskers never really practiced with the Vikings during the pre-season, it was like a pre-season game so it doesn’t really count.

Speaking of football…Notre Dame lost to Michigan yesterday 28-24, but I wasn’t completely sorrowful.

At least Notre Dame didn’t completely suck, and it looks as though they may not be embarrassingly awful this year.

On the downside of things, Schmoop’s uterus is up to its monthly hijinx. All shedding the lining, discharging unfertilized eggs, and what not.

So, Matty-Boy ain’t havin’ sex anytime soon. Well, at least not with an actual person. Bummer. Oh well, as I mentioned, there’s always football to watch.

It will be enjoyable swilling some beer and tossin’ back some snacks while the Fummer air circulates through the digs while football is on, and Schmoop is doubled over in pain and drooling.

It has all the making of a Norman Rockwell painting titled: Fummer Comes to Bagwine.

Amen, and Amen…

Have a wonderful Sund---

Oh Hell, wait just a minute sports fans…there’s one other thing taking place today as well.

Jayman and I will be doing our Blog Talk Radio Show, I’m With Stupid, today at 11 AM EDT.

If you’re not going to church today, tune into us, listen, and by God, call in!!

We’re going to be talking about Koran burning, pigskin, Pastor Terry Jones, and pulled pork sammiches.

It promises to be more fun than screwing 72 virgins on the 50 yard line of the Superdome.

Here’s the link to the Show Page, creatively titled: Link to the Show Page!!

Have a wonderful Sunday all, and as always…


Our show has beem rescheduled for 1 PM EDT. Listen in Bitches...or not!!


Mike said...

Missouri beat MSU 50 to 6. I'll leave it at that.

Cheesy said...

Screw NFL... go college!
Oregon Ducks 48 - Tennessee Volunteers 13

Matt-Man said...

Mike: That is such an impressive score especially since it came against the perennial powerhouse that is McNeese State. BTW...Reds won, Cards lost...again. Cheers Mike!!

Cheesy: Yay Ducks. I watched much of the game with Ryno last night. I likey the Ducks. And remember: Save a Duck, Eat a Beaver. Cheers Cheesy!!

Dana said...

I do love pulling some pork, but are you sure you want me to call in while I'm doing that??

Matt-Man said...

Dana: Have at it. Just make sure you're in a Jew and Muslim Free Zone. Cheers Dana!!

Curious Chris said...

Great BTR show today

Jeff B said...

Who'd you piss off at BTR?

I watched a little of the game, and Favre looked like crap. I use to like the guy, but his time has come and gone for sure.

Matt-Man said...

CC and Jeff: Resdcheduled for 1 PM EDT. Yay!! Cheers!!

boo said...

Matty, I'd love to listen to your show, but the blog-talk-radio site confuses the fuck outta me. :)

David said...

My alma mater Marshall Univ came perilously close to beating WVU which was nothing short of a miracle.

Sadly I missed I'm with Stupid today as I was off to a wedding. I hope there were no technical snafus and all the audience got the joy of your wisdom and wit.

Raquel's World said...

I'll never tire of your delicate way to describe schmoops period.