Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sunday Morning Church Disservice: Packers, Bears, Jets, Steelers...and Lions, Oh My!!

Another sunny, but cold Sabbath in Bagwine, Ohio but the cold is no big deal because many Americans will be huddled around their TVs.

The NFC and AFC Football Championships will be taking place today.

In the first game, the Aaron Rodgers led Cheeseheads from Green Bay will invade Chicago’s Soldier Field and tangle with the Monsters of the Midway led by Jay Cutler.

In the late game, Jimmy Hoffa and the New Jersey Jets will plow westward in order to do battle with the Pittsburgh Steelers led by Troy Polamalu’s hair and Big Ben Roethlisberger’s dork.

It should be a fun-filled day full of drinking, trash talking, and hard hitting action, and that is just from the domestic violence that will be taking place across the country.

The games themselves should be just as exciting.

I have no idea why, but I am picking the Jets and the Packers to prevail today. I just feel that they are playing their best football of the season at the right time.

I’ll be taking in the first game on the road with others, and watch the second game within the friendly confines of the Bagwine digs. Should be a wonderful day.

In other sports news…

My son Ryno (Number 22) and the ECA Lions took on the Ohio Division IV seventh ranked Irish of Springfield Catholic Central. There were pre-game rumors of a blowout in the makings by the Irish.

It was anything but…

After trailing by 13 at the end of the third quarter, the Lions roared back and with 29.4 seconds left, Ryno drained his third three pointer of the night to bring them within 4.

Alas, time was on the side of the Irish and they held on for a 59-58 victory over the Lions. And with that I give you the box score:

EMMANUEL CHRISTIAN (58) — R. Mahoney 3 0-0 9, J. Klawer 2 0-1 5, K. Stewart 2 4-4 9, J. Reep 3 1-2 9, A. Stumpf 2 0-0 4, M. Scott 7 6-10 22. Totals: 19 11-17 58.

CATHOLIC CENTRAL (59) — J. Aldridge 6 2-3 14, H. Hagerman 4 2-2 12, C. Timmons 2 0-0 4, C. Latham 6 1-4 13, R. Rankin 1 0-1 2, A. Chase 2 0-0 4, M. Ellis 4 2-6 10. Totals: 25 7-16 59.

3-pointers: Emmanuel 8 (R. Mahoney 3, J. Klawer 1, J. Reep 2, M. Scott 2). Central 2 (J. Aldridge 2).

In spite of the loss, it was a somewhat sloppy but exciting game, and it was exciting to watch the R-Man go 3-5 from 3 point land. Here’s to the Lions who held their own against one of the best Division IV HS Basketball teams in the state.

Amen, and Amen…

Enjoy the games and the lilting wailing of police sirens as they respond to the domestic violence calls.



Dianne said...

yea Ryno!!
what a star
I love the photo, he looks so grown

thanks for picking my Jets
just one clarification
it's only the head of Jimmy Hoffa
it's in the green cooler

Matt-Man said...

Dianne: He's not a star but he's getting better and only a sophomore. He'll be pretty good.

As for Hoffa's head. I'd like to see that and drink beer out of his decayed skull. That'd be cool. Cheers Sexy!!

Jay said...

I don't really care all that much who wins. I'm just looking forward to enjoying the devastation of the fans of the losing teams. Especially if they lose in dramatic, heart-wrenching fashion. That's always fun to watch.

MysteryChick said...

In the AFC I'm going with the Steelers because they beat my beloved Patriots last weekend (actually the Patriots beat themselves but that's a discussion for another day).

In the NFC, I think the Packers (sorry Bears fans).

No matter who wins at least I won't be crying in my beer this Sunday.

Mike said...

Claudia is rooting for the Pack.

Matt-Man said...

Jay: Me neither, and yeah, it is fun to watch the heartache of overly excited uber-fans. Cheers Jay!!

Chick: Ha. Well that's good to know. Hope you're well, Hot Stuff. Cheers Chick!!

Mike: Well then by golly, that's who I'll root for in the Super Bowl. Cheers Mike!!