Friday, March 04, 2011

Hi Kidz!!

Happy Friiiiday Bitches!!

A short and to the point post, for I have a brother who is more than a bit under the weather on this rainy day in Bagwine.

If you have a moment and believe in whatever, send out some good thoughts to my brother John.

Last night’s I’m With Stupid show was not our best because I had to run things due to Jayman getting screwed by Google and BTR, but it was in a way, epic!!

And…it wasn’t really a show about Charlie Sheen, it was a surprise Birthday party for Jayman.

We had a hot crew in the chat room, and callers out the wazzoo. Dana and Weirdo King just to name a few.

The uber-hot Agent Rat called in to sing Happy Birthday to Jay, but when she sang, it was a present to all. Rowwrrrrrrrrr.

The crowning jewel in the um…crown of callers was none other than Jaymom. That’s right Jay’s mom called in and immediately her AARP card was revoked and her Social Security taken away.

Those Evil Bastards!!


It was a good time, made more so by the fact that our intern, Little Jimmy Stewart got a temporary prison release and showed up with a bottle of vodka. Oy Vay!!

If you want to hear the show you can listen here:

Listen to internet radio with Im With Stupid on Blog Talk Radio

Also, our whorish reporter Kim Fragile chimed in with a live report on what she wanted to do with Jay for his birthday:

(click on if the play button doesn’t work)

Oh yeah , bitches, like I said, it was epic.

Have a great Friday, and as always…



Raquel's World said...

That is by far my favorite picture EVER!

Matt-Man said...

Raquel: Ha. Thanks..When I use the gif. form, the waves move. Cheers Hot Stuff!!

Jay said...

Sending out good thoughts to Brother John!

Last night was, in fact, epic!

Matt-Man said...

Jay: Now that I listened to it, it wasn't that bad. Cheers and Happy Birthday, Buddy!!

Mike said...

So I'm risking my AARP card by talking to you?

Matt-Man said...

Mike: Yes...In fact...It's already been hijacked. Cheers Mike!!

Lu' said...

Happy B-day Jay baby *smooches*

Get well thoughts and prayers sent out to your Brother Matt-Man 'cause I do believe in the healing power of whatever *wink*

Love ya Buddy :)

Matt-Man said...

Lu: Always good to see ya, and thanks. Hope all is well with you and you family. Cheers my Pal!!

sybil law said...

I was there, and everything was fine, and then it just stopped working! I tried to go back into the chat and whatever, but Blogtalk hates me.
Glad it turned out well, though!

Matt-Man said...

Sybil: Yeah BTR is a great company...that's why they charge people to use their "exclusive" service, Cheers Hot Stuff!!

MysteryChick said...

I was there! It was the best party I've been to all week. I lost you towards the end though. Not quite sure what the heck happened but it may have been a user error.

Michele said...

Happy birthday Jay. I hope you spent in a way that made you happy and that you really can't discuss in polite company.

Matt-Man said...

Chick: I kno wyou were. Oh believe me, I know you were there. It was fun and thanks for staying up with us. As for user error? My life is "user error". Cheers sexy!!

Michele: It's actually not til' MOnday so he has plenty of time to end up inn jail. Cheers Michele!!

Dianne said...

In all the years I've known Jay and his Mom it never once ocurred to me to call her JayMom
this is why you are the master

Matt-Man said...

Dianne: Ha. I'm just clever as hell...or something. Cheers Sexy!!