Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sarah Palin: Resigning As America Resigns Herself

It’s going to be a decent Sabbath in Bagwine, Ohio. Summer temps are back and my 11-7 shift at the Beer Mine should be hoppin’.

In fact, it could be a, “Chicks Coming Through the Drive-Thru in Low Cut Shirts Day”. One can only hope, Amen.

As I mentioned in an amusing way yesterday, today is Gov. Sarah “Lame and Dull” Palin’s last day as Governor of the Great State of Alaska.

While I do find it funny that the Eski-Ho couldn’t take the heat of bloodsport, lower 48 politics, I find her actual existence, in a way, quite sad.

No, not saddened by the fact that she is around as a living, breathing person, but rather as my friend Mick implied in his comment yesterday, that she was dangerously close to becoming this country’s Vice-President.

As much as I loathe Gov. Palin I do not and have never hated her. I HATE very few people. I think she is a moron who has no business holding office in the national arena.

In some ways I feel sorry for her, and more so for this country. Oh shuddup…hear me out.

Palin is doing nothing that many of us would not do if offered an opportunity to be a national figure…on the political stage or another venue. McCain had no business offering her the job as his running mate, but did so as a gimmick, much like Mondale did with his choie of Ferraro in ’84.

Palin should have declined. She should have put her alleged middle America common sense to the forefront and accepted the fact that she was and never will be up to the job. In the end her selfish ambition and exploitation of her family won out.

So be it. Others may have done the same.

As much as I dislike Palin, I am to this day, more taken aback by the American public. In a recent poll 57% of Americans say that Palin cannot grasp complicated issues, and yet another poll says that 77% of Republicans support Palin.


Don’t get me wrong, I am not merely picking on GOP’ers. I am sure that there are similar numbers of Dem officials. I am picking on the American electorate in general.

The American voter has allowed itself to become a fish feeding on the bait of 24/7 Cable News, Talk Radio, and ideologically driven outlets on the internets.

Olbermann and Maddow…Hannity and O’Reilly…Coulter and Limbaugh. These people are NOT the truth. They are entertainers, self-promoters, and most significantly, ideologues.

And, none of these people, much like Palin, are intellectual giants…Take them with a grain of salt.

Listen folks…We all have our beliefs, but if you feel there is no room for change or alteration of thought, you are already dead.

I hope that is not the case with you guys. I hope that you will forever be open to new ideas and thoughts.

My hope is that unlike Palin and the others that I mentioned, that you enjoy hearing the ideas of others, entertaining them, and actively seek them out.

To do otherwise would mean that you have fallen victim to near-sightedness, narcissism, and self-aggrandizement. In other words, become another Sarah Palin.

Palin is not America. She is not a “typical” mother. Palin is an Arctic Circle Carnival Barker who found an “in”.

You and I are not that lucky. We don’t fall ass backwards into a lucrative situation in spite of our limited mental capabilities...

We have to think for a living.



snugs said...

"dangerously close to becoming this country’s Vice-President."

We dodged a bullet there..

desert songbird said...

To paraphrase Ms. Katherine, I may not always like what is said, here or elsewhere, but I'm a student at heart and will listen and learn. How you say things can be more enlightening than what is actually said.

Scott Oglesby said...

Wow, I stumbled into this by way of Candice, and I am impressed. This is one of the first times that I’ve come across someone who holds beliefs so close to my own! It doesn’t take a monster IQ to see that the people you mentioned are in fact entertainers, and they will do or say anything to get more of a cult following. How normal people can’t see that is beyond me. It doesn’t matter if you are a dem. or rep. you absolutely have to be open to other points of view, otherwise you are not thinking, only replaying what some sycophant millionaire has already said. The funniest and saddest part of this is that the very people who support these crazy ass politics are the very people that the policies hurt the most. Sorry for the rant.
Very well said!

David said...

Wow Matt-Man, thought provoking stuff this morning.

Re: the contrast between the 57% that think Palin cannot grasp complicated issues VS 77% of Repubs supporting Palin - Has it occurred to you that the Repubs don't want politicians that can or will do anything? The 2009 GOP has been labeled as the party of "No". They like small government (or claim to at least) that doesn't interfere with their lives or businesses, they dislike thinking judges and label them "activist" when they disagree with their decisions, etc. So a politician that can't understand what is going on and therefore can't do anything about it seems a perfect match for them. Remember this is the group who takes the bible literally except for the parts they want to ignore when it doesn't support their goals. i.e. it is fine to quote passages condemning homosexuality but happily ignore the next lines calling eating shellfish as an abomination because it would interfere with their lobster dinner at the country club.

As for the entertainers on the 24/7 cable networks, those entertainers get the “base” all agitated causing them to pull out their checkbooks to make political contributions or to send checks to the TV preachers – this I know because I’ve painfully watched both of my parents fall into both traps.

Meanwhile, I’m going to have to hit the dictionary today to clarify and edumacate myself on how ‘loathe’ is exclusive to ‘hate’.

Enjoy the scantily clad boobies floating by the drive thru window today.


Matt-Man said...

Snugs: Sometimes I wonder in amazement how she got that close to the office. Cheers!!

Songbird: I know you are and I am lucky to have you and other readers that live by that rule. Cheers!!

Scott: Why thanks and thanks for the comment. I know what you mean. I visit blog after blog and hear talk show after talk show where people just regurgitate what some agenda driven blowhard or think tank has uttered.

You are welcome to rant here anytime. If you came via Candice's site you definitely have a taste for the wicked funny. Cheers!!

Matt-Man said...

David: I ain't in no window I'm right there with em, baby!! Maybe I need to vlog that concept once more. Anyhoo...

I am surprised by the 77% support among GOPers. I mean I can see her playing well with evengelicals but not that broad suport among all Repubs.

Funny thing about what you said. Repubs are leaderless and want to do nothing. Dems in the house led by Pelosi want to do whatever the hell they think is best. I actually think Obama's worst enemy is Pelosi!!

I've always felt that loathing was less emotional than hate. Of course that is coming from a guy who makes up his own words. Cheers David!!

Micky-T said...

You my friend, have a brilliant common senseometer. Ha!

Arctic Circle Carnival Barker who found an “in”.

I really do love it when you hit it right on the head. You need to find an "in" for your writing, you too could cash in.

Dana said...

My hope is that unlike Palin and the others that I mentioned, that you enjoy hearing the ideas of others, entertaining them, and actively seek them out.

That is EXACTLY why I can't stay away. Although our opinions on politics are often polar opposite, your posts are usually (hey! No one is perfect) well thought out and well presented ... although a bit biased (aren't all opinions?).

Those Palin statistics make me want to hurl. I'd like to think that people are smarter than that.

Matt-Man said...

Micky: Thank you my good man. She is what she is...The bigger problem as I have said is that some people think she is what we need. Oy Fucking Vay. Cheers Mick!!

Dana: You and I? We disagree on political issues? I'm aghast!! Thanks for the "well-thought out" comment. I was actually pretty shit faced when I wrote this last night, and yet it was semi-coherent.

And yeah, I still get a look of puzzlement on my face when I hear people speak of Palin in terms of what a great Prez she would make. WTF? Cheers Dana!!

Caitlin said...

I stumbled in as well and wanted to share a quote that I thought was appropriate in this case:

"The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter." - Winston Churchill

One thing that infuriated me about Palin is how she embodied the growing fear of what the far-right calls "elitism," which is a code word for "intelligent" or "educated," much the same way as they use "communist," "socialist," to mean "OMG he's BLACK! CAN'T YOU SEE THAT?!"

And one entertainer that I do listen to and respect greatly is Jon Stewart, largely because he constantly insists that his show is NOT news but still offers much more hard-hitting reports than any "real" news show that I've seen.

:) Have a great day.

Matt-Man said...

Caitlin: Well, I am glad you stumbled in and thanks for taking the time to leave a comment.

I love the WC quote and you are correct. This "Palin is a real person; a real American" crap is an affront to thinking people everywhere. As for the Commie label...I have been called a Socialist and Communist often even though the truth of the matter is, I as much a Libertarian as I am a Liberal.

On a personal note...I soooooo dig the name Caitlin. Thanks Again, and Cheers!!

Jay said...

Well that 77% support is all that really matters. Cause you know, that's 77% of the 28% of Americans who call themselves republicans now. And we all know that those are the REAL Americans!

The media loves to overestimate Palin's appeal and pretend that she's popular across a broad spectrum of people and not just among white males in the South and Mountain states. But, that's really all she's got.

And let's not forget that McCain lost states like Indiana, North Carolina, Virginia and Florida with her focusing on those states for him.

As for all those loudmouths on TV? Don't watch them. It only encourages them and it makes you dumber for listening.

Matt-Man said...

Jay: I have to watch the loudmouths on TV, they provide me with such good comedic fodder.

As for Palin, you are correct. The media far over estimates her appeal because she makes for good TV. She appeals to the hardcore 25% of Americans who ID themselves as Evangelicals. Beyond that her numbers fade.

But...that is still quite a few people who think that she is what this country needs, and all it takes to win a GOP Primary. That makes me edgy.


Michele said...

Have you been channeling me again? JR and I were just talking about this same issue yesterday. We blame a lot of the petty bullshit becoming huge issues on the 24/7 quasi "news" channels. Let's all focus on real issues for a change. Thankyouverymuch!

VE said...

Back to back Palin posts? Why that's like two terms of Bush!

David said...

About that ‘Palin is a real American’ stuff: I like the way those so-called patriots in Middle America conveniently ignore the Palin family membership in the Secessionist Party of Alaska where they hate America so much they want to leave the union.

Matt-Man said...

Michele: Cable news is oft times loud, annoying, and wrong but with so much competition they feel that is the way to generate ratings. Thanks for allowing me to channel you. Cheers Michele!!

VE: Well what the hell. It's her big farewell weekend. Since she didn't get to the WHite House I thought two days on Bagwine would be a nice consolation. Cheers!!

David: That's okay David. That just demonstrates her "maverick" spirit...or something. Cheers!!

Hoot Gibson said...

Sarah 24/7 Getting a little lite on subject matter aren't we Matt?

But I guess when you worship a half breed Kenyan and that ugly assed $6000 diamond clutch carrying wife of his, Sarah does look pretty sweet.

How's that Freeloader Health Care
Bill working out for all you lefties?

Cheers Matt, it'b been a great summer, enjoy the rest of it, I sure plan on doing so. Obama down to 50% approval according to Rassmussen, CHEERS INDEED!

Matt-Man said...

Hoot: Ahhhh Hoot. How I have missed ya. Tell the pilots of the Black Helicopters hovering above your house that I said Hi, and tell your right hand to say Hi to your cock for me as well. Cheers Hoot!!

katherine. said...

there do seem to be quite a number of Americans who support Palin...I'll just hang out with the 23% for now.

(btw what's your source for 25% evangelical...I thought it was a hell of a lot higher)

although if we are gonna point at secessionist activity as American hating we are gonna hafta put Texas at the top of that list.

Matt-Man said...

Kat: My 25% is an estimate of hard core evang. Oh sure more than that ID themselves as Evangelicals but many of those folks are along the lines of people in West Va. who identify themselves as Democrats so they can get elected. I worked in WVa politics...there's a whole lot of Dem legislators who ain't really Dems. Cheers Kat!!

Starrlight said...

The Shat almost made me respect her as a Neo-Beat poet.