Friday, September 25, 2009

President Obama and Communism: Holy Cow, I Never Knew He Had All That Power!!

I have a problem with my country. Indeed I have a problem with all of America. We are on the brink of losing our democracy.

The thing is…

It is not because of President Obama…It is not because of most Democrats and Republicans in Congress.

Hell, it’s not even because of Glenn Beck, Keith Olbermann, and other propagandists who appear 24/7 on Cable TV.

No, my friends…

We are losing our glorious democracy because, well…Americans are stupid, and they have a herd mentality. Well, not all, but a sizeable minority do. And, it is fucking up our country.

There is a website I read more than once a day because I am a “folk hero” there because I leave comments that run against their grain. That’s right, it’s a site called Sarge Charlie.

The guy is a hoot. He’s a Vietnam Vet and as you know, Vietnam Vets are untouchable when it comes to love for their country.

They love their country more than you and I, and…many of them are just flat out, insufferable.

In fact, along with many Beck-Tards, many "patriotic" Vietnam Vets think Obama is a spineless weasel, who knows nothing about the military. Take for instance, Ol’ Sarge….

Ol’ Sarge would say that if Obama took a crap, he didn’t wipe his ass correctly. And, if Obama blew his nose, he would say, “Did you see how he directed that sneeze towards a Vietnam Vet?”

What a dick.

Hey Charlie…while you are getting treated for your affliction (which I hope you beat) on the government dime, why don’t you tell people how much you hate government health care?

Oh, that’s right, you do. How I-Fucking-Ronic.

More so than Charlie, his readers are over the top ideologue nuts, and definitive of the craziness that is going on in this country.

Take for instance, the nut job named Gracie

This wacko chick, who claims to be a Christian, imparted her wisdom on how the U.S. should deal with Afghanistan, and here is her well-developed foreign policy plan:

“The Afghanis are fierce, always have been. We need to give notice ahead of time and then bomb the holy hell out of them. We already know they’ll put babies and women on the front lines.”

I guess giving them notice first, is her idea of Christianity.

Call me crazy, but I thought if we were trying to instill democracy into a country, turning said country into a glass factory wouldn't be the best way to go about that.

Of course, I am but a novice in affairs such as this, but that plan seems silly, unless of course, one is heavily invested in Mason jar futures.

Oy…My point is, is that these Beck-Tards think Obama is going to turn our country into some type of Soviet state.

If they think that Obama is that powerful, doesn’t that suggest that they don’t believe in the power of our Constitution and the separation of powers? Uh-Huh…

Who among us, doesn’t believe in our democracy? Evidently it isn’t me. It’s those two “patriots” and millions like them.

Anyhoo…Schmoop told me to let all of this go. She said that these people aren’t worth it…And she’s right.


Just like I need to call out a jerk who thinks that all that I am is a schmuck who works at a Beer Drive-Thru, I need to call out the stupid that exists in this country.

I’m much more than a schmuck, and this country is much more than a land of morons.

The informed majority, whether they agree with this administration or not, need to speak up…and speak out. And most importantly, do it in a learned way.



Sarge Charlie said...

You are now a real jerk, buzz off matt.

Matt-Man said...

Charlie: Gee, Uncle Charlie, I thought you'd like the press. I know how you and your buds like making fun of Barack, I just thought I'd do the same to you and asshat Gracie only utilizing the truth. What? Does the truth hurt, sport? Cheers!!

Jay said...

Aw man, more Blogger-on-Blogger crime? Can't we all just get along? ahaha ;-)

David said...

I hate the herd mentality. It is exhausting that so few Americans can think for themselves.

I feel badly for ole Sarge. He must still be suffering dreadfully with the conflict of being a valiant American warrior yet one whose war was lost. I'll be the first to say that Vietnam Vets were treated in a disgraceful manner when they returned home and that must weigh heavily on them - I would on me and I must say they have my respect. They went to do their job and it is hardly their fault the American government didn't have the willpower to unleash the military might to win.

It was only by the grace of God that during the latter years of the war when it was clear the DOD wasn't trying to win any longer, the draft lottery smiled on me as a mere teen and exempted me from the draft.

But geez louise, it is nearly 40 years later. Let's move on just a bit, shall we?

katherine. said...

I don't get it Mateo.
You are better than this.

Scott Oglesby said...

See, your doing the same thing I do with that crazy Christian website; reading it and getting yourself all worked up. For me, it feels like an obligation, like somebody has to keep an eye on these asshats. And I can’t tell you how many times I’ve read this exact quote on rapture ready (They all ape each other, ironic that they don’t believe in evolution) “We should tell Israel to get out of dodge, and nuke the whole Middle East.” Isn’t that fucking lovely? I’d love to see you start commenting on my crazy site. They keep kicking me off

Matt-Man said...

Jay: Eh...It's no different than me or anyone else taking shots at Kanye West, Lindsay Lohan. These two put their opiniion and commentary out there in a public forum (Charlie using me as his blog fodder on occasion)and I am merely responding...Of course unlike some, I try to be accurate. Cheers Jay!!

David: I show everyone respect no matter what field of endeavour they enter. No more, no less, unless a person loses it based on what they do as an individual not based on what occupation they choos. Including former and current soldiers, sailors, and Marines. Cheers David!!

Kat: Sorry Kat, but to dovetail on what I said to Jay, after being continuously mischaracterized in a right wing play pen, I felt the need to respond. I was actually being quite measured in my response compared to the truly rude, yet hysterical invectives that I wanted to throw in there. Cheers Kat!!

Matt-Man said...

Scott: I have not answered the call in your time of need have I. I feel much shame and am sorry that I am missing out on a chance to stir up the Rapture Ready crowd. E-mail the link to me so I don't lose it and I will be there in a Nazarean second. Cheers Scott!!

janie said...

I'm going to check back when we are a socialist state, and Obama is telling you what color underwear to wear. ...see how you like it then...

If we are not vigilant, we will lose our freedom. Obama has a plan, and it includes passing all the reform he needs in the shortest amount of time. One day we will wake up, and be all reformed, and we will be slaves to the state.

When does Obama do any work, anyway?

You are an asshat, M_M.

Matt-Man said...

Janie: When we are a Socialist Country? Marxism? Stalinism? What type of Socialism do you mean? If you haven't figured it out, welfare, CHIPs, Medicare, Social Security, all of those things already make our nation a type of socialistic state. And those things aren't necessarily bad.

You kinda proved the point of my commentary. You think Obama can have whatever he wants. Hell, he can't get the Democrats to pass what he wants let alone get the Republicans to get on board, and yet you seem to think he has some kind of supernatural powers to make his "evil" happen. Don't worry, I think our Constitution prevents his nefarious takeover of our country.

I bet you wonder sometimes if he was born in Kenya or not. Uh-Huh.

Lastly, I would dig it if Obama picked out my underwear, and my socks for that matter...Because frankly, I wait until the last minute to get dressed before going somewhere and I don't always match.

Cheers Janie!!

Bond said...

This country is in deep s**t with the division going on now...It scares the hell out of me to think about what could happen in 3.5 years

I gave up this fight a few months ago. I voted for our President. Is he perfect? hell he a better alternative to what we went through the last 8 years...hell yes

Clay Perry said...

to me its all just statism in varying degrees... the mental point of view that we need to be taken care of and will lovingly give up our freedoms for protection & "cradle to grave" nanny state bullshit..

whether obama is lending a hand or not, its the natural progression.. just before we collapse.

i would like to think there are enough free thinking people left in this country that wont allow it, but be you an obamaton, beck-tard, or any other type of zealot who takes a point and soap boxes the piss out of it until you drive all the fun out of life.. keep in mind that freedom.. that simple word that volumes have been written about.. is worth fighting for. and yes, worth putting your life on the line for.. so if you immerse yourself in the drama until your head spins, or ignore it until it bites you on the ass, in the form of this too becoming a third world nation, its coming. now is the time to exercise the only voice we have in it... VOTE.

watch out matt... the death threats will begin their syrupy flow any time now.. LOLOL.. keep up the good work!

Matt-Man said...

Bond: I know you did, and I know you did because in this case with Charlie, you're a nicer person than I. I just can't let it go, or let it continue. Cheers Vinny!!

Clay: Ha. I, and you through your comment have stated what will if anything, lead to the downfall of this nation.

Non-Thinking People.

That's what I have been talking about for the past month or so. And that is what I am talking about today.

Yes, politics is a game in which there are winners and losers, but the future of America is no game. Far too many people do not see that, and they can't see beyond their own ideologies. Cheers Clay!!

Phfrankie Bondo said...

...I like to think that I, too, am more than a schmuck....

katherine. said...

you make a point of playing in a pen where you know you have nothing in common with the other kids.

There are millions of people...and and tens of thousands of weblogs just like his...are you going after them as well?

You use him and his readers as a target for your outrage at everyone else.

You'll never agree with what he says Mateo...why keep reading and commenting on his weblog? Do you think you will help change his mind? Do you think he will stop blogging because you disagree? What is your goal?

Matt-Man said...

Phfrankie: From what I know of you, you are more than one step above schmuckdom. Cheers P-Man!!

Matt-Man said...

Kat: My goal? My goal in this case is to illuminate the ignorance of what some people think, and expose it.

I received an e-mail the other day from a chick in Mississippi who took the time to write to me.

She never comments and agrees with almost nothing I say, but she said that I make her think and look at things differently. I dig that.

That's my goal Kat. I'm not into changing the minds of Charlie, Gracie, or anyone else. As you pointed out, it can't be done.

All I hope to do is to help folks think for themselves, and not accept the shadows on the cave wall as reality.

I ahd no goal within the particulars of this post other than showing what some people think...or don't. And plus, people like Charlie and more so Gracie, have been taking swipes at me for months...

It's kinda fun to swipe back, and if I didn't say so, I would be concealing the truth.

Cheers Kat!!

Bond said...

I do tend to agree with Katherine on this Matt...

If you did not go over and poke the tiger, they would not attack you.

I used to have debates with Sarge and then i got tired of his nastiness toward the leaders of our country. I also never liked the fact that he would take my comments and turn them into blog-fodder.

That is why I stopped visiting him. If I go over to see how he is doing with his battle against cancer (a hideous disease that i hope he conquers), and I read his rants, I ignore them and do not comment back.

Sometimes it is better to back away and not poke the tiger in my opinion.

then again, there are those that like to play with fire and that is their right also.

Matt-Man said...

Bond:'re saying that I should mind my own business. If you see something with which you don't agree, do you not speak out?

Hell, what if we all did that? What would happen then?

Sarge and his commenters are nothing more than a bunch of like-minded bullies, hiding behind a facade of nationalism and pseudo-Christianity. Fuck em'.

When I confront a bully, I do the same thing I did when I was in school. I punch them in the mouth.

I just do it through my blog now. Cheers!!

Lu' said...

I don't venture in to the main stream much, hide my head in the sand? maybe. Your blog gets me to look around at the idiocy from time to time, like a watchdog :) Now don't go taking that "watchdog" term and getiing all arghhhhh with it. It is just a verb not a newspaper.

Matt-Man said...

Lu: Ha. That was cute, thanks. Here's to ya. CHeers Lu, and have a lovely weekend!!

Starrlight said...

"Sarge and his commenters are nothing more than a bunch of like-minded bullies, hiding behind a facade of nationalism and pseudo-Christianity. Fuck em'."

You are right of course. 100%. But Matt when someone is a fanatic, and these people are fanatics, you can't reason with them any more than you can with the guy in the newspaper hat in the looney bin who says he is Napolean.

Matt-Man said...

Starr: Of course I can, after all, I'm Matt Quixote!! Cheers Starr!!

Bond said...

I never said mind your own business...but really..there are like 10 people who go over there and read his BS...they are not bullying anybody because no one listens to them. By doing this post today all you are doing is giving them publicity...

I just think that the best way to deal with a bully is to ignore them..I have always found that if you ignore a tormentor they get so frustrated that they can not effect you, the go and crawl back into their hole and disappear.

Matt-Man said...

Bond: Never judge the amount of readers by the number of comments. Trust me on that one, and Vinny...

Ignore someone like that? What fun is that? Cheers!!

Dianne said...

as you know Matty I had my little bit with Sarge back when he called Obama a monkey or whatever the fuck the asshole said, and he was posting all this confederate crap

then he and his ilk went after a friend/blogger

and then I gave up because he makes me sick, and his readers make me even sicker

but I do get it, I get the great moment it must have been to get that e-mail and realize you made one person think

I am so worried about the next election
I swear I want to figure out a way to lead a revolution against ignorance
these fucking people are killing this country

Matt-Man said...

Dianne: Yeah...Well he is who is he, and while there is no changing that, I felt compelled to answer.

Unless the economy picks up between now and October of 2010 the Dems will get slammed in the November elections. It's typical in off year elections, and really...the shifts in power never seem to matter much anymore. Cheers Di!!