Monday, April 19, 2010

Stupid Begets Stupid

“Modern history would have one believe that the blacks were the only group ever forced into slavery!

The main concern is how they were treated, were they clothed and fed well, and were they allowed an education?

I get angry when I see the truth violated like that.”

--Amazing Gracie

After yet another infantile, and ideological post by Bagwine’s favorite crazy man, Uncle Charlie, another fave crazy person, in the toxic personification of “Amazing Gracie” chimed in with the above comment on Charlie’s uber-rightwing site.

Yes, I know…These idiots are small potatoes. Instead of uber-tubers, they are kinder-tubers, but nonetheless, I felt that Gracie’s comment was so, um…stupid..?

No, that’s not the right word…Um…So fucking hateful, oblivious, and mindless that I had to comment.

Gracie in all of her self-proclaimed Christianity, we should turn Afghanistan into a Glass Factory, God Loves Us Best Bullshit, thinks that our slaves were better off than others.

Does she really, as she implied, think that slavery was better in America because of some ill-conceived notion that "our" slaves were fed, clothed, and um…educated?


Did the slaves go to slave school? Did they get a degree in bondage?

Okay, maybe the house niggers did, but unless a slave was cleaning Uncle Tom’s cabin, did that education really come in handy?

Have right wing, tea baggin’, assholes like Gracie, really disintegrated this far?

And before you say it…I don’t have a side. And I don’t want to hear about left wing idiots like Olbermann and Maddow. They illustrate their lunacy every night.

I’m talkin’ about “conservative, God-Fearing, patriots” like Gracie…Are they truly any of those things? Are they conservative..are they God-Fearing patriots?

I don’t fuckin’ think so.

I think they are idiots who, if there is a Hell, they are going there. And, folks like Gracie are going to spend eternity sucking Jerry Falwell’s dick ad infinitum.

Poetic Justice. After all…

A limp dick not only deserves, but requires a limp mind to feed upon it.



Charlene said...

I think anyone who "fears" god, needs to have wrath applied where the sun doesn't shine.

Weak minded, isolated within groups who all think alike and reinforce the reason for their fear and self-righteousness. I know these people and I left their company as soon as I could get away.

Matt-Man said...

Charlene: I know what ya mean, but I can't. I feel the need to needle them. And so I shall. Cheers Charlene!!

Jay said...

"An education?" Really? 140 years after the end of the Civil War we're still trying to get some areas to desegregate schools.

I bet she believes that the Civil War wasn't about slavery. Or that Robert E. Lee was actually opposed to slavery. And all the other bullshit myths that have been created over the years by the Confederate Flag waving idiots.

Clay Perry said...

educated slaves... just damn... but, the civil war wasnt about slavery, its not a myth jay..

Mike said...

Tunnel vision granite heads, all of 'em.

Scott Oglesby said...

Wow, I unfortunately checked it out over there. I found it amusing that Sarge Scumbag had Washington and Jefferson featured so prominently in his post. Oh what they would have to say about these tea party idiots. The sheer ignorance they exude is just hilarious.

I believe that Sarge and Gracie are both already suffering in the only real hell….insanity. Can’t you tell by the slightly confused look of dementia on her face? Or maybe she just dropped a load in her depends.

Dana said...

I get so frustrated with these "patriots" - and it's quite selfish. As a somewhat politically conservative supporter, I don't want anyone thinking I can align with that ignorance.

Matt-Man said...

Jay: Ha. Like I told ya, Jay. I hate to punch down on these morons, but I couldn't let this one pass. Cheers Jay!!

Clay: We could debate that all damn day. But slavery was a primary issue for the war. Cheers Clay!!

Mike: Granite Head sounds too regal. I prefer "Fucking Blockheads." Cheers Mike!!

Matt-Man said...

Scott: Ha. I was hoping that you check them out in order to "raise the level" of my dissertation of anger. I am glad that you did. Even talking about a load in her Depends is a step up from the shit she and Charlie spew. Cheers Scott!!

Dana: I have never thought that you are like these two morons. And being a Conservative or a Liberal doesn't make one an asshole. Inate stupidity, lack of curiosity and laziness of thought makes a person an asshole. Cheers Dana!!

David said...

America is arguably the greatest country in the world but the idea that slaves were educated is laughable. As I recall from history classes it was actually illegal to teach slaves to read in the American south.

I do like that pic of Gracie - she have a deliciously demented expression.

Phfrankie Bondo said...

...If I had slaves I would let them have a Tee-Vee in their quarters....

Marilyn said...

I almost didn't comment because I like Gracie (whose blog I don't really visit, but we do connect in other places) most of the time... unfortunately, in this instance, you are right. I just would have pointed it out a little differently. The thing about comments like that is that people I love are always making them. I can't disown them for being an idiot sometimes. I can only point it out in as gentle a way as possible and try to get them to see reality.

Dianne said...

God Bless America!
We're such a fucking A+ country that even our slaves are better than any other slaves

I can't go over there because I swear Matty I will morph right into the PC monitor and fucking cut their hearts out and feed it to their dogs

Gracie has the Glenn Beck look - I think it's a new trend in plastic surgery

Matt-Man said...

David: Ha. She is a keeper. Cheers David!!

Phfrankie: That's because you are prince among men. Cheers P-Man!!

Marilyn: I wouldn't you or anyone else to disown someone you like.I can be gentle or rather diplomatic, but I really wasn't feeling diplomatic when I read that. Cheers Marilyn!!

Matt-Man said...

Dianne: I enjoy going over there. Sometimes I comment, oft times not. I usually laugh and ultimately feel better about my own state of mental health after visiting. Cheers Di!!