Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Circle of Life

Welcome to the weekend, y’all.

My weekend was yesterday. That was it. That’s all there was. There isn’t any more.

You see…for the next three weeks, I’ll be working 11-9 on Saturdays and 11-7 on Sundays at the Beer Mine.

I’m not unhappy about it at all, but in order to make up for working during the “true” weekend, I utilized my day off on Friday to have fun.

I took Schmoop to work early and then headed over to see my 15 year old with size 15 feet, pride and joy, Ryno.

After I woke his still sleeping ass up, we watched Sports Center for awhile and then headed to the Beer Mine to get my check.

I purchased a pack of smokes, a bag of BBQ Pork Rinds for Ryno, Drive-By Mikey made several crude, but funny remarks, and Ryno and I went to Rally’s.

I bought him a cheeseburger and fries and a burger for his mom. After he ate, he was ready to perform.

I shot this video of him doing his “not quite right” basketball player routine.

It’s pretty funny, only a minute and ten seconds long, and towards the end he’s pretty impressive by sinking, on command, two of three 20+ feet three pointers…

Damn, the boy rarely misses. Anyhoo…I went to pick up Schmoop from work around noon. When we got home I saw that I had several emails in my box.

It was notification that Jay’s Fantasy Football League is back again this year and the site is open. I dig it!!

Last year, my Jonas Brothers won the whole she-bang and they shall again this year although with a different team moniker. My team name this year?

The Eager Biebers!! Fear them, Bitches…fear them.

Schmoop and I quaffed a few beers and a Full Throttle at home and then headed over to the palatial estate of my brother Marte’ and his lovely wife.

Marty’s 30th High School reunion is this weekend and he had a couple of his friends over for a pre-party and Schmoop and I were invited.

It was amusing as always getting together with Marty and the two knuckleheads, Chris and Andy. Now Andy, some of you Bagwine readers may know, as Agent Squalor and an occasional commenter.

But Chris? You and Schmoop as well have never met him. She got the honor of that yesterday, and laughed her ass off.

After she reattached her ass, she captured this picture of from left to right…Marty, Chris, Andy, and Me.

Have you ever seen a more handsome and trustworthy looking group of men? Of course you have.

Schmoop and I headed out after that because allegedly Marty, the wives, and his classmates were going out to eat. However, judging by the rapid flow of alcohol during the visit, I’m guessing they didn’t make it.

But…That didn’t stop me from treating Schmoop to a world class dinner. No sir-ree-bob.

On our way back to the Bagwine digs, I cruised through one of the finest eating establishments in Bagwine, Ohio…Indeed, in America itself…

Damn right, Bitches…Just as I did for Ryno and his mom, I bought Schmoop and I a sack full of grease from Rally’s.

The circle of life was complete, as was my truncated weekend.

A shortened weekend full of drinks, laughter, and people who I love. I dug it.



Bahndeaux said...

...livin' large, my brother...

Matt-Man said...

P-Man: was a good time all day. Cheers P-Man!!

Kim said...

Hey-o Nice shots Ryno!

Matt-Man said...

Kim: He's usually dead on from 3 pt land and his defense is impeccable. Cheers Kimmeh!!

Baseball Mom said...

Nice!! Great picture & Video. Good lookin kid.

Matt-Man said...

Baseball: Why thank ya kind lady and thanks for the comment. He is a good one, except as you know, for the turning in the homework thing. Cheers BM!!

Jay said...

Special Olympics Basketball? Oh my! haha

Well, at least he didn't call a lay up "a crip shot." ;-)

Dana said...

I was waiting for Ryno to say, "Oh Dad! You're such a retard" ... would have been perfect ... and pissed off many!

It's fun watching him with the basketball. It's like the ball is nothing more than an extension of his body.

David said...

Well damn - my crapy verizon connection wouldn't let me view the video.

But I've noticed that you ofter refer to the size of Ryno's feet - are you anticipating that he has escaped the Matt-Man little dick syndrome? Since I know he doesn't read your blog....yes I did go there.

Mike said...

Great shooting by Ryno.

Evil Twin's Wife said...

We call our son, "Bud" and "Buddy" all the time. People joke that he'll think that's his name eventually!

Jeff B said...

Little Bus Basketball, damn funny stuff Ryno.

Matt-Man said...

Jay: Ha. "crip shot". Good stuff. Cheers Jay!!

Dana: Sometimes he will just throw one up while talking to me and it stills goes in. Cheers Dana!!

David: Hopefully the curse skips a generation. Cheers David!!

Matt-Man said...

Mike: He's a natural. Thanks and Cheers Mike!!

Evil: I use, "Sport" a lot when talking to him. Have a wunnerful rest of the weekend. Cheers ETW!!

Jeff: Ha. Maybe I should have titled the video just that. Cheers Jeff!!

Raquel's World said...

My comment is about the pic of the guys...I would feel safe if I was lost in the woods with you guys,,,you all look like you could handle whatever came up. And I'm talking making fires, fighting bears etc.

Matt-Man said...

Raquel: Ha, why thank you very much; we actually are all veteran campers. Cheers Roc!!

Raquel's World said...

Somehow I could tell that. LOL