Saturday, October 02, 2010

K-Minus One Day

This is it folks. That's all there is...

There isn't any more.

I work from 11-9 today. Afterwards, I am going to see Ryno for awhile, and when I get home at 11:30 or so tonight...

I will check my email, fiddle around briefly on the computer, and then go to sleep.

And my friends, it will be the last time I ever go to sleep...On my beloved Kelly that is.

That's right. Shortly after Jay and I do our I'm With Stupid show at 11 AM EDT on Blog Talk Radio, Kelly will be cast aside forevah.

Pizza Bill has graciously volunteered his van and broad shoulders in helping me move a desk and more importantly (and tragically) a new couch into the Bagwine digs.

It's going to be incredibly sad seeing Kelly suffering the same fate that this anonymous chair met some two years ago at the Bagwine Complex...

When I saw that poor discarded chair, I said to myself, "How could anyone do that to a loyal, trusted piece of furniture?"

And now, I find myself at the business end of that same question. I feel much shame. I feel much sorrow.

But enough of the harshing of your joy on this cold, wet weekend.

If you are not too hungover, make sure to catch Jay and I on Blog Talk radio at 11 AM EDT tomorrow.

We will, among a myriad of other hi-larious things, be discussing our favorite and worst food experiences and recipes.

Make sure to tune in, and if you can stand the heat of our internet kitchen, call in with your best, worst, and most creative food experiences as well.

For more info, you can click HERE and/or HERE.

Until I see you on the radio tomorrow, pray for a peaceful end for Kelly, and as always...



Irene said...

RIP Kelly
You were a good couch and constant friend to Matt. 8(
Prayers sent

Matt-Man said...

Irene: Thank you, Irene. I find much solace in your kind words. Cheers!!

Irene said...

Shall I donate to the charity of my choice in Kelly's name?

Matt-Man said...

Irene: By all means, I think that would be a nice gesture. Cheers Irene!!

Mike said...

Kelly doesn't look like a piece of furniture. She looks more like a nest.

MysteryChick said...

Kelly looks a little small for you or is that just the angle?

RIP Kelly, may you go to furniture heaven, aka the rec room of a halfway house.

Jay said...

I think I'll pass out drunk on my couch tonight in Kelly's honor. I know she would be proud.

David said...

Kelly - RIP. I should think a caring owner would take her to the Starvation Army store to let her seek a new home with someone who will love her.

But frankly, I don't see how you managed to stretch out on Kelly for a good night's sleep.

Hear you tomorrow morning on the air.

I'm With Stupid said...

Mike: Not a bad way to describe her. Cheers Mike!!

Chick: She's only five feet long but I like that because my legs are elevated when I lay on her. Helps the back. Cheers Hot Stuff!!

Jay: You are such a sensitive and caring young man. Cheers Jay!!

Matt-Man said...

Ha!! This two blog shit is confusing the Hell out of me. I always forget who I am signed in as!!

David: She's perfect. My back is always feelin' good when I awake. Cheers David, and Thanks!!

Dana said...

If it's not too late, would you mind saving a little scrap of Kelly for me?? You know ... kind of a "thanks for the memories" thing?? ;)~