Saturday, January 29, 2011

Life Lessons from the Basketball Court

A tough loss for the ECA Lions last night as they fell 49-42 to move to 6-7 on the season.

Those boys were missing shots from as close as two feet from the basket. I could have built an addition to the school with all the bricks they were throwing up.


Ryno played some good defense but only went one for three from 3 pt. land. Oh well, these things happen, but there was a bright spot.

The ex was sitting some ten rows over from me with her brother and his wife. We had spoken briefly before the game and we were in plain view of one and other from our respective seats.

Sure, we get along decently now, but there still moments of contentiousness between us. However…

Late in the game, Ryno was outside the arc, the ball was kicked out to him, and he promptly drained a three pointer.

As the voice from the announcer filled the gym with the booming resonation of, “Three point shot good by Ryan Mahooooooooney.”….

I looked over at the ex, she at me, and we smiled at each other shaking our heads in the affirmative as she flashed two fingers at me twice in acknowledgement of our sweet Number 22, Ryno.

In spite of any problems she and I have had in the past, present, or may have in the future, when our kid does well, all the bad noise between her and I fades into the background like the echoes of the announcer’s voice.

As it should be with all parents, married or not.

Happy Saturday, all.



Mike said...

Bummer on the loss. Cheers on the moment.

Desert Rat said...

Oh, that's excellent!

Matt-Man said...

Mike: Yeah, they play hard though. That helps make up for their average amount of talent. Cheers Mike!!

Rat: It was cute. I like cute. Cheers Lovely One!!

Raquel's World said...

Yeah! Loved the joke about enough bricks to build onto the school.