Thursday, March 10, 2011

He Said and She Said...Listen to I'm With Stupid!!

Haven’t done this in awhile…

Time for another installment of, He Said…She Said where I and my BFF/OSP Schmoop go spontaneous with each other through the magic of Microsoft Word.

Let’s kick it, shall we?

Schmoop: I think it’s great that you’ve stopped smoking for Lent. How’s that going?

Matt: You know damn well how it’s going. It sucks. So, if you could, blow your exhaled smoke in my direction would ya please? Ima needin’ a fix.

Schmoop: Oh sure honey, no problem. I happen to have one burning right now, want a hit? Hee!

Matt: Mmmmmm. Thanks, that gave me a hard on. Time for nippy bottle of Rose.

Schmoop: Rose, and no smokie. Hmmm, interesting. Am I getting laid tonite, or are you too weepy?

Matt: Sure, if I’m not climbing the walls, but tread carefully…In my current nicotine-free state, I may be rougher than usual on ya.

Schmoop: Oooooo, yummy! Cuffs, or rope?? So, um, seriously though, want a smoke?

Matt: Fuck You. Ahhh that felt good. Glad I gave up smoking for Lent rather than cussing like our favorite son of a bitch, Jay did. Talk about difficult!!

Schmoop: Fuck yeah. I don’t know how the bastard is going to do it. I’d rather go outside and throw my own shit at rabid squirrels than quit fucking cussing.

Matt: Yeah well, he’s a trooper, or should that be, trouper? Hell, I don’t know, and really don’t give rat’s ass. I just hope Jay like me, sits in favor with the Lord when all this Lent shit is over.

Schmoop: Amen.

Matt: Ha. Well that’s all I got. I mean, other than beads of withdraw sweat dripping from my nose, so say, “Goodnight Gracie.”

Schmoop: Goodnight Gracie.

And now…

Tonight on I’m With Stupid on Blog Talk Radio at 11 PM EST, Jayman and I will be discussing Lent and what we have foolishly given up.

We’d like to hear from you, and what if anything you have given up as well.

In addition to that, Jesus will be reporting live from my lungs and Marty Martenstein, our fave Jew reporter, may ironically enough, be reporting from a Catholic Church.

Oh, the Holy-Hijinx that will ensue!!


Please catch Jayman and me on I’m With Stupid tonight on Blog Talk Radio at 11 PM EST.

The number to call in is 661.244.9852 and you can access our radio page by clicking HERE.

While we hope you listen , we know one person who won't, and that would be Pat Robertson...The crazy man trashed us just yesterday:

(if the button doesn't work, click where it says, "")

Until I see you tonight on the radio…



Jay said...

One day down, 45 to go. Piece of cake dude!

Mike said...

I was talking on the phone with Pat. I thought he was going to change his mind about listening. He said he saw the light. But then I heard a train horn and then he wasn't there anymore.

Matt-Man said...

Jay: I'm not likin' the taste of the cake. Cheers Jay!!

Mike: Ha. Very Good. Cheers Mike!!

Raquel's World said...

So how is that going? Tell the truth. Did you cheat?

Matt-Man said...

Raquel: It sucks, but no I haven't cheated...yet. Cheers Roc!!

Lu' said...

This is the biggest Lent giver upper yet for you isn't it? Right on and do yourself a favor and don't start up again! Think of the do re mi you'll be able redirect into the purchase of more Wild Irish Rose...

Jay, good fuckin' luck. Hope you don't stub your toe or hit your thumb with a hammer. :) *kisses*

Knight said...

Schmoop is such a giver.
I hope I'm home in time to tune in. Will you be hacking away?

Matt-Man said...

Lu: Ha...I know. Not smoking translates into more money for booze. I like that. Cheers Lu!!

Matt-Man said...

Knight: Oh hell yeah. When one quits, 30 years of lung funk starts getting dispeled. I should sound great!! Cheers Knight!!

sybil law said...

Hope I can hear the show later! I'm always up for Holy Hijinx!

Matt-Man said...

Sybil: I hope you can too. Holy Hijinx are fun and trust me, Jesus is one funny son of a bitch. Cheers Sybil!!

Desert Rat said...

Gee...sounds like it's going great so far! hee hee!

I'll try to listen in, tonight, but I've got some issues on the home front, so not entirely sure.

Have a great day!

Dianne said...

don't get Pat all riled up, he's dangerous when he's riled up

Matt-Man said...

Rat: Well I hope you can and I hope your issues get resolved soon. Have a great day yourself, adorable one. Cheers Rat!!

Dianne: He's a moron. Which I guess does make him dangerous. Cheers Sexy!!